How can an activity directory be conveyed visually?

Activity Buzz, an Atlanta-based startup, needed a brand identity to get their online directory off the ground. The directory connects people to local activities, such as recreational soccer or piano lessons, while promoting local businesses and providing an avenue for consumers to leave their feedback. The target market is primarily parents of children aged 5 - 12, though the design should not alienate other potential users.

Fall 2015 | Activity Buzz
graphic design

There were four main considerations in building the Activity Buzz brand – colour, icon, typography, and tone.


Activities are fun, so the brand should be fun too. Orange and yellow are warm, playful, and youthful colors, and the complimentary sky blue adds whimsy and incorporates a bit of nature into the design. The palette creates a contemporary take on primary colors to seem kid-friendly but not childish or trite.

  • #FF895A

  • #FCF8E3

  • #A4E0DF

  • #F9E79B

The Activity Buzz colour palette


It seemed apparent to draw from the “buzz” in the name, but how? Buzz as in bees? Vibration? Word of mouth? Early iterations were bees, but I came to realize that the bee didn’t adequately represent the service. Activity Buzz is about places of activity – and what better symbol for that than a hive? Running with that idea, I created this final icon – a simple, linear hive made from winding curves filled with momentum and playful energy.


Full logo with icon and typography


For a more casual, modern look, lowercase letters are used in the logo, which also helps bring more roundness to the words with the “a” and “b”. This roundness plays off of the angular “v”, “y”, and “z” to create a dynamic typographic logo that both pairs well with the icon and can stand on its own.


A visual identity comes with a tone – a tone that should be carried into every bit of copy that is written. The Activity Buzz tone is casual and playful, but also professional and sincere. It focuses on the intangible benefits – such as little Suzie’s confidence from karate or the sense of community the local rec team provides. It has a go-getter attitude, challenging people to find and chase their passions. The tone of the copy needs to build complexity that the simple and playful logo cannot achieve on its own.

“…We believe that doing things should be easy. If you want to learn how to play the piano, or if your kid wants to take up karate, the only thing keeping you from your dreams should be the trip to the lesson.”
Sample copy from Who We Are

These four components create a foundation to build the rest of the branding materials on – from promotional materials to the website to the mobile icon.


A mockup of a window sticker for local businesses

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