How can a support work marketplace illustrate its value in an evocative way?

Better Caring, a marketplace for aged-care and disability support workers to connect with people requiring their services, wanted to test an alternate design for their home page that better illustrates their core value propositions and resonates emotionally with their users.

Fall 2017 | Better Caring via We Are Visionists
ui/ux design development

In short, Better Caring needed a way to better tell their story. A way to explain what they do in a way that places the narrative in the user’s life, keeping in mind that their audience varies from people with disabilities to support workers to the children of aged parents.

So not only would the new copy and narrative-building need to address all use cases and potential concerns, but accessibility would need to be a top priority in the implementation of the design. As most users visit with their mobile phones, responsiveness would be a priority as well.

A demonstration of the final developed page on desktop

The narrative

Most products and services don’t market themselves but the intangibles they provide. Airbnb doesn’t market its spaces but the sense of belonging, Coca-Cola literally has the slogan “Taste the feeling”, and a Better Caring competitor’s focus is on finding support workers with shared interests.

So what intangibles did we want to focus on? Better Caring offers people requiring support the freedom and flexibility to take control of their support decisions. It’s a way to find the support workers that empower them to live their life the way they want to live it. As such, the design focused on the relationships fostered and the feelings that come as a result – confidence, autonomy, comfort.

By introducing testimonials where the emphasis is on the support workers and benefits rather than the platform, it speaks volumes for the power of Better Caring. Pairing the testimony with a photo of the person with their support worker further humanises the story to build an emotional appeal.


One of the included testimonials

This appeals to the very human desire for strong relationships and aspirations of independence, resonating with both people needing support and their families. It simultaneously emphasises the difference that support workers can make in someone’s life, appealing to the contractors who make up the other side of the marketplace.

Addressing concerns and building value

However, narrative alone won’t be enough to drive people to sign up for the marketplace. We would also need to address the primary concerns, such as the registration process, cost, vetting procedures, services offered, and of course, why they should use Better Caring over other options.

To illustrate the differentiation, the key point we’d need to make is the benefits of the marketplace model. While the average user may not care about the structure of the platform, they do care about the fact that it results in less cost, and therefore more hours of support, for them or their loved ones, as well as better pay for the workers. So naturally, it made sense to intertwine pricing concerns with marketplace benefits to build this unique value proposition.


A graph making an emotional case with the additional hours that savings can afford

Accessibility and responsiveness

While I strive for accessible design in all of my projects, it was definitely an utmost priority for this redesign and development. From large and scalable fonts to keyboard accessibility to semantic HTML to minimal animation to labels and alt text, research and accessibility testing was completed to ensure a high standard for all users.


The hover effects can also be tabbed to, thanks to some additional code

This high standard also included responsiveness testing for all mobile users, and of course, designing with a responsive framework in the first place. Particular consideration was given to hover and focus effects and how those experiences would translate to mobile.

A demonstration of the final developed page on mobile

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