How can someone show they care with a sandwich, even from far away?

Helga’s Say It With Sandwiches campaign delivered hundreds of gourmet sandwiches throughout Sydney and Melbourne so that people could show they care with an act of kindness. The $6 sandwiches were sold via a Shopify microsite to raise money for Food Bank Australia, and a virtual sandwich maker allowed people to show they care outside of the delivery zones.

Winter 2016 | Helga’s Continental Bakehouse via Hausmann and We Are Visionists
development graphic design ui/ux design

To spread the love (and deliver the sandwiches), Helga’s needed to securely collect payment and recipient info. This e-commerce solution was implemented through a branded Shopify theme with custom functionality.

The mobile home page

To ensure that sandwiches were purchased for people within the delivery zone, an initial screening process asked for the recipient’s postcode. At this stage, we also asked for the purchaser’s email address to cross-reference other purchases with a custom-built Shopify app to enforce the limit of one sandwich per customer.

Should the user’s IP address or the recipient’s postcode be outside of the delivery zone, the user would be prompted to create and share a virtual sandwich.

A video demonstrating the virtual sandwich interface

Using the interactive interface, the user can send their bespoke virtual sandwich with a note via Facebook. This required a custom application to generate an image from the HTML to then attach to the Facebook share.


The virtual sandwich Facebook share functionality in action

Over 500 sandwiches were sent to hungry customers in Sydney and Melbourne plus thousands of virtual sandwiches shared socially, with all revenues donated to Food Bank Australia.

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